What is draping?


When a new (old) makeup trend surfaces – I most often am really excited to try it out.

This one was definitely right up my alley – DRAPING.

Which basically means to contour with blush. As I understand it’s a makeup technique that has it roots in the 80s disco era. The makeup look resembles the redness on your cheeks after dancing a lot. So it’s basically just blush all out! And i love it. And then adding highlight in bulks – to enhance your glow (sweat). So what’s not to like?

I chose to ad a gradient lip – which has it roots in  the wonderful world of K-beauty. This makeup technique sort of goes hand in hand with the whole disco mood – as it is resemblance your mouth after eating a lollipop – with the strong pop of color in the middle of your mouth, on your inner lip (if there’s such thing) and then fading the color to the outer perimeter of your lips.

If you want to see my take on the draping trend then please join me in this video.

As per usual if you have any questions about my technique, products or wish to re-create and share the look with me. PLLLeEAASSeee do so. I would be so happy to see it.


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