Rouge Rouge – in a red Ocean <3


There’s something about the name of these lipstick that ‘had me at Hello’ – Rouge Rouge – right? Sounds like the mega cool girl in the xmen squat, or something… pulled me in, right when I saw these, I knew they were going to be special.

The Rouge Rouge lipstick collection by Shiseido promises 16 of the most flattering shades of red. And I think it’s rather ballsy to launch a new bunch of reds (16!!!) in a red lipstick ocean. They HAVE to be great – to not pour water on top of water.

And they REALLY are. I tried 3 shades – Ruby Copper, Bloodstone and Burning up – I loved two and really liked one.

I think the reason for my immediate warm feeling towards, what could seem like ‘old news in new packaging’ – is the MOISTURE that these little bullets provided to my lips. In the new world of matte and liquid lipsticks, applying something THIS soft and moisture-full to your lips, feels like pure joy.

The claim is so: S Hyaluronic Acid Complex and S Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE EX deliver rich moisture for smooth shapely-looking lips. And what ever that means i’m on board!


Ruby Copper is a firery red with a hint of rust and brown undertones. One of the two i loved!


I then tried Bloodstone which is a deeper red with purple undertones. The last of the two i loved.


Lastly I tried Burning up which is a dusty rosy pink. The one I liked.



They all felt equally comfortable on my lips – to the point where I was not at al in a hurry to take it off after I was done GIF-ing and photographing.

I would much rather apply lipstick 5 times in hour than dealing with a formula that is long lasting but super dry and sticky.

And then – in all honesty – I was taken back by these three red shades. I hadn’t read the ‘a red for everyone’ -claims about these lipstick when I first laid eyes on these and I WAS really into the shades . and thought they were special and very beautiful even in the read ocean of red lipsticks.

Should you be eager for more lip-stories read Tina’s take on these matte beauties from Rimmel

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