10 minutes office & work appropriate makeup look


My very first post on my new blog!

UUugh! Soo exciting.

Is of course my newest YouTube video, about how to create an appropriate office and work makeup look – as it is something that probably all of my friends have requested at this point.

Makeup is fun and around to help us feel and look beautiful – in my opinion. And of course you can wear your makeup to (most) workplaces and meetings and whatnot, even though you do not work in the beauty industri.

I believe the most common barrier to wearing makeup on a day to day basis is time. And then perhaps the fear of going over-board – and being ‘in appropriate.

So here is my take on a quick makeup for every day use – that is both long wearing and toned down enough to take you through an entire day of work.

If you have any questions regarding the products im using in this video then please do not hesitate to ask away.

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