Nude by Nature – 12 days of Xmas calendar


I didn’t even know about Nude by Nature when 2016 begun.

So the acquaintance has been short but sweet – definitely sweet.

Late on friday afternoon, a package came to my office with my name on it. It was a cardboard box, the size of a cereal box, closed with ducktape. So it didn’t look to fancy.


Inside was this really tasteful and elegant christmas calendar from Nude By Nature – some good friends of mine from the industry had sent it over as a xmas present – and I was grateful and in awe and just completely thrilled with makeup-happiness (that type of happiness that only makeup can give you).

I’ve never had a beauty advent calendar before, and I’m pretty excited that this is going to be my first. As Nude By Nature has moved up on my list, of favorite beauty brands, at the speed of light, during this past year.

How did I get pulled in? By the most amazing clean sleek elegant rose-gold packaging of course! Any beauty/fashion/art nerd would be.

The packaging is SO dazzling and breathtaking that the product inside HAD to be good too. And of course it was. It’s a completely natural beauty brand with native Australian ingredients. I could copy-paste the impressive range of fruits and veggies this brand is build upon – but I think it’s much more native to just skip you over to – if you promise to come back and read the adventurous ending of this blog post.

Before diving into the array of goodies this mega beauty contains I will talk about some of the NbN products I already tried and loved, and liked and disliked.

The standout products for me are the blushes and loose powders.



The Blushes…

The blushes are unbelievable smooth and velvet to the touch and highly pigmented, without being too difficult to work with – blending abilities, great! And the range of colors (happy sobbing sounds) are JUST. SO. BEAUTIFUL. all nude-ish, elegant, calm and with a perfect depth – that kind of depth that promises you to give you that ‘I’ve just been running through the forest’ fresh-face glow (you all know which one that is!!). I have these two colors and LOVE on both of these! A LOT!


The Loose Powder

Then about the loose powders – … such great coverage. Like a real foundation-coverage. I swear this powder will even out your skin tone like mid-full coverage foundation. And it’s just mineral powder – which never makes your skin feel trapped in layers of makeup. So breathable. And honestly one of the most lovely finishes I have ever experiences – a soft glow without a single hint of shine #glowdontshine. Loose powder tho – not easy to work with! Flies everywhere! No control!.



The contouring palette

Then I have been using the highlight palette – and actually quite enjoyed that one too. I like the shine of this one. On all tree products. The shine is there but not overly there 🙂 And the color of the bronzer and pink highlight, which i on occasion use as a blush, are SO stunning. Has a bit of a duo-crome-y reflect into a pale gold, that makes this entire palette a little bit special.


The stick highlight…

I was so so excited to try these out! Because I love the convenience of makeup in a stick! And I love love love highlight – my favorite type of makeup! So I was bound to really fall hard for these 3 – and I sorta did… The thing is, in actuality highlighters are prettiest when they are somewhat subtle – in my opinion – then they look natural. But it always kind of dulls down my excitement when I’m not immediately blinded by the swatch. So what I’m trying to say – is that I like using them cause they are easy cause they are natural. Especially the red-ish one – that is my favourite of the 3. I use it was blush or blushtopper for a glow’yer look. And it has a very interesting deeper pink tone – that is somehow extremely wearable. But at first sight these 3 didn’t WOW me.

Want to read more about these sticks? Go read Tinas review:

20161129_091311 The liners..

Of the two liners I tried – the liquid and the pencil, I prefer the pencil. Very smooth and easy to work with and this grey color is a perfect mid black tone for my eyes. The wear-time is decent too. The liquid liner dries completely matte and actually flaked a little bit on my lids. But the tip was very easy to use and the wear-time was decent on this liner as well.

20161129_091325The mascara..

Was the one only I struggled with. But it’s only due to the fact that I am such a drama-lash-queen (read: I’m asian and hate my little non-existing lashes). I always look for volume and length – on FULL BLAST:.Meaning anything made to give you a natural look isn’t going to knock my socks off. The formula is long-lasting and has no shine and is very easy to apply due to the flexible rubber bristle wand. On the hunt for a natural mascara filled with ecological goodness? this is the one for you.

So… my point was… get this calendar! It’s only December 1st – and this calendar only has 12 days of Xmas so you will be on xmas calendar schedule in no-time even though you are a few days late to the calendar game. Sometime these beauty calendars will be discounted as soon as we are will into December starts too.

What the calendar is full of


I will open this sporadically on my instagram story – so if you want to keep up and hear my thoughts on the various products behind the 12 doors I invite you to follow @Majayoon

See you there…

Here is where I shop my nude by nature:

And here is where you can get the calendar:

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