Winter Favorites (no U) – 2016 – All Beauty

Hi reader (waving) I have made a video about all my favorite beauty items for this period. First, I hope you like it – that you are entertained 🙂 And secondly I hope that it can provide you with some guidance in the red ocean that is the beauty industry today! I talk about a lot of skincare items – very pricy such as La Mer and very affordable such as Nature Republic! And then of course about the fantastically weird blush that looks like an eyeshadow but acts like a bronzer and highlighter – but most importantly I talk about the magic that has enabled my lashes to grow to about twice their length in just about 3 months.… Læs mere »Winter Favorites (no U) – 2016 – All Beauty

Nude by Nature – 12 days of Xmas calendar

I didn’t even know about Nude by Nature when 2016 begun. So the acquaintance has been short but sweet – definitely sweet. Late on friday afternoon, a package came to my office with my name on it. It was a cardboard box, the size of a cereal box, closed with ducktape. So it didn’t look to fancy. BUT IT WAS! Inside was this really tasteful and elegant christmas calendar from Nude By Nature – some good friends of mine from the industry had sent it over as a xmas present – and I was grateful and in awe and just completely thrilled with makeup-happiness (that type of happiness that only makeup can give you). I’ve never had a beauty advent… Læs mere »Nude by Nature – 12 days of Xmas calendar

Easy Day to Night Tutorial

  I created a short and easy tutorial showing you how I transition  my day look into a more festive and party appropriate night look. Picking up your makeup look after a full day of work – can make you feel like a brand new person. So amping up your makeup look does not only make you look better but often time also feel better. It does need to take a long time and you can actually work off the rest bit of makeup you still have lingering around on your face from the full day of working – whatever that might entail. I like to add a bit of depth to my eyeshadow – turning up the smoky-ness (read… Læs mere »Easy Day to Night Tutorial